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Lolly the Clown

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Thank you for visiting! Lolly will enliven your events by entertaining and delighting with balloons and smiles.

We work hard to keep folks smiling without being scary or crazy. We're here to make your kids’—and your—day special!


Lolly the Clown with arms outstretched

  • We will perform at your public events:
    • $70/hr without tips.
    • $55/hr with tips.
  • We will also perform for birthday parties in public venues, e.g. restaurants, lake shelters, lodges, parks, etc. (Please no home gatherings.)
    If you are having a party in your home, but would still like our balloons, check out our Delivery Party Package.
  • We make balloons (for birthdays and other events) for $1 each (or more for some specialty items).
    Minimum order: $15. Pick up for free or add $8 for local delivery.
  • We are available Monday – Saturday.
  • We make and deliver balloon bouquets.


balloon wedding couple

  • Try our Delivery Party Package!
    It includes…
    • Balloon of choice for each child
    • Balloon bracelet for each child
    • Pre-made birthday bouquet or special sculpture for the birthday person.
    • Includes 10 guests. For each additional guest, add $3.
    • $65 – over 15% discount
  • Try our Twister Party Package! – Perfect for birthdays!
    It includes…
    • 1 hour of twisting (one clown)
    • Pre-made birthday bouquet or special sculpture for birthday person
    • Bracelets for 10 guests
    • For each additional guest, add $3
    • $85 – 10% discount.

balloon bouquet with butterfly

balloon Sponge Bob™

Next time you want to send flowers, choose us! We have many different arrangements, styles, and colors to ensure some of the most imaginative and cheery bouquets you could send. And we might even be the least expensive! We can be your new favorite florist! Surprise someone special on birthdays, anniversaries, special dates, grandparents’ day, get well wishes, everyday valentines, surprises and more. (We are also able to deliver them in costume.)

Learn more about what we do and upcoming events on Facebook.

If you are interested in booking us, please call (785.224.5957) or email (